Warranty & Returns

Warranty & Returns


Title: Asil Shoes
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E-mail: info@asilshoes.com
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The subject of this contract is that the BUYER has made an order in electronic form on the internet site http://www.asilshoes.com belonging to SELLER with the following information about the sale and delivery of the product whose qualities and the price of sale are indicated, the Law on the Protection of the International Consumers and the Distance Contracts The rights and obligations of the parties in accordance with the provisions of the Regulation on the Principles and Procedures.

3.1- BUYER declares that in the internet site http://www.asilshoes.com, which belongs to the seller, the buyer reads the basic information about the contractual product, the sales price and payment method and the delivery information and gives the necessary confirmation in electronic environment.
3.2- The contract product shall be delivered to the purchaser / organization shown on the internet site for the period specified in the preliminary information, depending on the distance of the place of purchase of the BUYER for each product with the condition not exceeding the legal 30 day period.
3.3- The SELLER can not be held responsible if the contractual item is delivered to a person other than the BUYER and the delivery person / organization does not accept delivery.
3.4- The SELLER is responsible for delivering the contracted product with a sound, complete, in accordance with the specifications specified in the order, and with warranty documents and manuals, if any.
3.5- For the delivery of the contractual product, the signed copy of the contract must be delivered to SELLER and the price must be paid by the PACKER in the form of payment preferred by the SELLER. If for any reason the product is not paid for or is canceled in bank records, the SELLER shall be deemed to be free from the obligation to deliver the product.
3.6- In the event that the bank or the financial institution can not pay the price of the product to the SELLER for the reason that the credit card belonging to the SELLER is used unauthorizedly or illegally against the unauthorized persons due to the fault of the SELLER after delivery of the product, It is obligatory to send it to SELLER within 3 days. In this case, the transportation costs belong to the BUYER.
3.7 - SELLER is obliged to notify the PURCHASER if it can not deliver within the term of the contractual product due to force majeure or weather conditions that prevent transportation, such as disconnection of transportation. In this case, the PURCHASER may use one of the right to cancel the order, to replace it with the contractual product, and / or to delay the delivery until the removal of the obstacle. If the PURCHASER cancels the order, the amount he / she pays will be paid to him / her in 10 days.
3.8- Products with or without products which are sold with warranty document may be sent to SELLER for the repair of defective or defective products within the warranty conditions, in which case the cargo expenses will be covered by the PURCHASER.

The PURCHASER shall have the right to withdraw within 7 days from the delivery of the contractual matter to himself / herself or to the person / organization indicated. In order to use the right of withdrawal, it must be notified to the SELLER by fax, e-mail or telephone within this period and not used within the scope of Article 6 provisions of the product. If this right is used, it is obligatory for the original invoice to be delivered to the 3rd person or to the PURCHASER with the example of the cargo delivery report that the product is sent to the SELLER. Within 7 days following the arrival of these documents, the product is returned to the buyer. If the invoice is not sent originally, VAT and other legal obligations can not be returned.

No right of withdrawal for products that can not be returned in nature, disposable products, reproducible software and programs, consumables, products that have a fast break or expiration date, and services can not be used. SELLER is not responsible for price errors due to errors in system and system.
The PURCHASER agrees to accept all these contract terms.

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